" Made with iPhone "

A quick little re-cap. This album was all made on my iphone using various sound apps. I created all the beats in one main app that is very much like an MPC sampler. It has 16 pads, I can sample from vinyl, import those sounds via software, chop / tweak them and then sequence in the app. I can then export and open it up in Pro Tools for minor sound edits / mutes...

I have a bunch of talented emcees that were happy to lend their skills to the project and it basically turned into a complete Vocal collaboration album! (see Below)

The album will lead off with a (3) vocal (5) instrumental single - (2) extra bonus beats not on the album! One of the songs " Technology " is a posse cut with San Diego based emcees Blame One , Sojourn , Jimmy Powers , Anti Citizens. I am doing the ��� Pre-Production design " for the " Technology" video which I will also be shooting on the Iphone 4 with a few cinematic Lens adapters.

More talent: Capital D (All Natural) , J-A-Y the Fallguy , Uptown Swuite , Doug Masters , Spearman, Madwreck of the Others, and more...

It's really surprising when you listen to it. I am pretty sure no one will believe that it all came off of my phone, but I will be happy to pull out my phone on the spot and show anyone that doesn't believe me!

A recent blurb about the album.

The 2 videos below are also featured on the main apps website.

2nd Music Video

Again, from the upcoming album " Made with iPhone - What am I to do " comes from the iphone, recorded live, documented by this video. This track features live guitar and key solos completed also from an iphone app...


New Test Music Video

From the upcoming album " Made with iPhone "!

This video was recorded simultaniously with the Audio. Scratches were added after main recording.

This album started off as an all instrumental project mainly made in everywhere BUT in a studio. This has now turned into a full blown album with collaborations from talented people from all over. Some of whom are below :

Blame One , Capital D (All Natural) , Sojourn , Jimmy Powers , Anti Citizens , J-A-Y the Fallguy , Uptown Swuite , Doug Masters , Spearman.

It's coming out around the same time as the new 4th generation iphone. There will have a few music videos to accompany it.



he OFFICIAL! (not that there are any un-official Dj Shag websites). Well actually, I heard there is, Some techno guy. I assure you thats not me with the 89 Oakley razors on!

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I would like to bring hip hop back to the days when it was FUN. When you could have a b boy battle to show who's on top instead of using automatic weapons. Hammer pants instead of.... well you know.

Lets use automatic thinking and continue the battle of taking hip hop back, which is currently underway by a lot of talented folks!

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