ere is a small but sweet list of projects I have put out myself or contributed to that are still available to the public.

As always its a pleasure to to work with new talent. Many of the artists I worked with had never heard of me at all (I wasn't surprised). Although after a nice barter of services, art for art situation, we became comfortable to let it be heard & for them, Seen...

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" From the Depths "
2007 Wax Replica

1/2 beats and 1/2 Songs that feature: Blame one, Capital D, Pumpkinhead, Icon the Mic King, Dannu, the West Indies, Mantis, The Others, Blest and Future Shock ... Get it NOW!

" Joint Response-2004"
2005 Wax Replica|

Mantis and I just wanted to make an album period . The crew used to consist of Blest, Mantis and I as you will hear him on the album alot... Definitely worth a listen...

" Crowd Pleaser 12" "
2005 Wax Replica

This was our FIRST 12".. Even getting plays on Las Vegas Radio Stations and many internet radio shows. It still gets played to this day...

" A Complex Burden"
Blame One

Blame always proves his TOP NOTCH abilities . He does this music for the love and it shows with all the great songs he puts out...

On this I produced " Obstacles feat Deja Voo..."

"Chemically Imbalanced"
Blame One

I have known Blame for a loong time now. He is a MAJOR TALENT... I really like working with him... The songs come easy!

I produced 4 tracks. " The Essence, Mystery's Extinction, Paperthin, & Sticky Situations ".